Thursday, December 23, 2010

Five Reasons I love the city I live in!

As I was driving through the city of Highland Village, Texas, I started thinking how much I love the area that I live and work in. It's easy to be thankful for all we have this time of year but when there are so many daily reminders, I started thinking about all the reasons I love where I live!

1. It's hard not to find Santa at every turn, at every event and causing kids to be panicked and frantic just at the mention of his name. We have seen Santa six times and it hasn't gotten any easier for my 16 month old (pictured here). This was a morning with Santa at the local paint-your-own-pottery store, Color Me Mine. Each kid painted a mug or plate complete with story time with Santa.

2. After a few years off, the city fire department started back with their tradition of Santa riding on the fire truck through the streets of Highland Village. Sirens blaring, lights a gazing, and Santa on top of the truck waving and ho-ho-hoing. Such a fun night!

3. On a walk the other day, my daughter was riding her bide with recently removed training wheels on a street with a yet-to-be-completed housing development. I typically take my dog off the leash to run around and explore. I was just about to put her back on the leash when a police officer whipped around the corner. Uh-oh. He had a piece of paper out that I was sure to be a ticket. No, instead, he handed my daughter a coupon for a free kid's meal from Chick-fil-a and thanked her for wearing her helmet. I looked on the city website and found that the police department has actually partnered with local businesses to hand out free coupons to safe bike riders. Wow, what a great idea!

4. Over the past two years or so, I have really tried to shop local and pay more attention to stores, businesses and owners who live in my community. Our outdoor mall opened in November 2007 and this is the first year that I really spent a lot of time there. While I realize that the majority of the stores are nationally-known franchises, there are still owners and managers that live in this area. Plus, tax dollars are always helpful :) There are always great activities at The Shops and this time of year, we have "Our Village Glows". This is the time when the school choirs sing, cookie decorating happens and the enormous Christmas tree is lit for all to see. It's really a wonderful event and so much fun to celebrate the Christmas season and the holiday spirit!

5. For the past eight years, Highland Village has been named the "Safest City in North Texas". Quite an honor

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Recycle Your Electronics and More This Weekend!

I just love these recycling events! We stack up more "useless" electronics and being the recycling family that we are, these items just can't be thrown away!

This Saturday, September 25 from 8 am-12 pm at Marcus High School in Flower Mound, TX, you can drop off more than just inoperative TV's and VCR's that you don't want.

Drop off is in front of the auditorium at the curb on the front side of the building. Here is a sample of things you can bring to recycle:

Office Equipment-Fax machines, typewriters, inkjet cartridges, printers, scanners, routers, shredders and copiers.

Multimedia-DVD and VHS movies (who doesn't have these!), CD's and audiobooks

Sporting Goods-Golf clubs and bags, (they can be broken, ha!) helmets, pads, baseball bats and gloves, hockey sticks, roller blades, basketball shoes

Home and Garden-Air purifiers, baby monitors, vacuum cleaners, power tools, sewing machines, medical equipment

ATV's-Dirt bikes, Go-Karts, 4 wheeler's, jet skis

Non-Fiction Books-cookbooks, craft books, textbooks

There's more on the list so feel free to contact me if you are curious if you can recycle something not on the list. These items can be in any condition!

Do your part and clean out your garage too!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Trends With Tricia-Kiddin' Around

Whether you need a sitter for an hour or three on "date night", Kiddin' Around drop in playcare in Highland Village is a great choice. With a great staff and very reasonable rates, you will love Kiddin' Around!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Two girls, a convertible and Taylor Swift

After five years in real estate, I couldn't imagine going back to work for someone else. It's a day like I had yesterday that reminds me of that.

I love Wednesdays because that is the day my son goes to the grandparents and I get a day to myself...until 3 pm. That's when my five year old gets off the kindergarten school bus and we get a little "girl time". It's great to be able to do my work before she gets home and then it's play time!

Side parents just closed on a house close to us and decided to have a car shipped here to get a break on the insurance. We now have the little Lexus convertible for the next three months. We "have to" drive it once a week to keep from draining the battery.

Trinity asked if we could take the convertible. Good idea I thought despite the torrential rain we had earlier in the day and no baby brother. I loaded up her booster seat in the back and with the top down, we were ready to roll.

"Turn up the music Mom!" she requests. This is the same girl who wanted to go faster on the wave runner. If this is any indication into what the teenage years are going to be like, I am in trouble!

After showing two houses, we went to get her a new pair of shoes and then to a movie. After the movie let out, it was a beautiful evening so the top goes down again. She has a friend who loves Taylor Swift and Trinity has been hammering me to turn on "She wears high heels" for months. I don't have on demand in my car nor did I buy the song on iTunes.

So you can imagine my delight when THAT song came on while on our drive home! Singing the song, wind blowing through our hair, arms in the air. In 10 years we won't remember the shoes that were bought or the movie we saw, but I guarantee we will have fond memories of that time we heard Taylor Swift in Ama's convertible.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Trends With Tricia-Gary Charlton Motors

For most people, buying or selling a car is about as fun as getting a root canal. Gary Charlton Motors is your hometown, independent car dealership creating a stress-free, fast and easy buying experience. If you're in the market for a used car, need repairs on your current car or you want a trusted professional to sell your car, give Gary Charlton a call. He's a trusted friend and business associate!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Brilliant Sky Toys and Books

Brilliant Sky Toys and Books is a fun and innovative specialty toy store in Highland Village, TX. The store is filled with bright colors, kid-friendly displays and unique toys. They have events the whole family will enjoy throughout the year. Stop by and pick up some classic toys, things with four wheels, or characters that make your collection!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

FM2499 is partially open through Highland Village

It's the day Highland Village residents have dreaded/waited for for years.

I received the following email today from Jo Lynn Tefft, the Castlewood Community Manager.

TXDOT has opened part of FM2499 from Orchard Hill south. The Castlewood back entrance/exit (Castlewood Blvd/Northwood & FM2499) is open. Please be aware that this is a two-way stop; the cross traffic on FM2499 does not stop. At our main entrance (Castlewood Blvd/Highland Shores Blvd & FM2499) there is currently a four-way stop. However, several times today, vehicles did not stop going southbound on FM2499 through the intersection. Please use caution at both intersections.

We have enjoyed many family walks on the deserted bridge but I guess that is coming to an end. Drive safe everyone!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Do you ever wonder what construction is for?

If you live in Castlewood like I do, we aren't in any shortage for orange cones and large construction trucks.

The other day, I noticed the ground getting torn up on the west side of Castlewood Blvd so I stopped and asked if the crews were laying the foundation for the new signal that was approved.

The kind sir said that no, it was for the sidewalks! I had no idea sidewalks were going in on that side of the street. That will be a great addition to this neighborhood!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Kid to Kid Resale in Lewisville

If you are a parent like me, you know that keeping kids clean is a full-time job in itself!
I have found that resale and consignment stores are the bee's knees when it comes to toys and clothes for my little ones.
Kid to Kid is a store that I have been to many times over the past several years. Subscribe to their email list for additional discounts! Check it out!

Put down that cell phone!

Just a reminder that Lewisville ISD is a hands-free cell phone zone during school zone hours. This includes, but is not limited to, Highland Village, Flower Mound, Carrollton and Lewisville.

This means, put your phone down and drive safely when you see the flashing lights near a school. The fine could be $275.

Did you know this also includes texting, checking email or holding your phone as a GPS device? A good reminder for all of us!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Texas Tax-Free Weekend

It's that time of year again!

Time to load up on your back-to-school gear and save money while you do it.

Wait, what? Save money?

For the 12th year, Texans get a tax break on purchases up to $100 related to back-to-school such as backpacks, school supplies and clothing.

The feelings are mixed on this weekend. Some say that there is NO WAY you are getting me into the madhouse this weekend while others look forward to saving a little extra cash on necessities.

However you feel about it, it's a nice perk the State has offered. Get it while you can! With budget cuts, who knows how much longer this will be around.

Does your state participate? Click on the link to check it out!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Meet The Teacher This Thursday!

This Thursday at 4:30 pm at Heritage Elementary in Highland Village is "Meet The Teacher" night.

Be sure to arrive early as the parking lot fills up FAST!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Ever Tried Buffalo Wing Flavored Popcorn?

If you're looking for gourmet-flavored popcorn in the North Texas area, look no further! Check out Lonestar Popcorn for anything your sweet tooth, salty cravings or chocolate fix desires!

Ever wonder what Dr. Pepper popcorn tastes like? How about Dill Pickle? I recently got Banana flavored for my son's monkey-themed party. It really does taste like a banana!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

What to do when something unexpected happens?

Today we celebrated my son's first birthday at the Castlewood Community Pool and I came across something unexpected. My father-in-law asked after the party "So, who were all of those people today? A bunch of your clients?" I chuckled and said "No, they are friends from different places...wait, actually, yes, most of them are!" I realized.

I started going down the list of my friends at the birthday party and realized that many of them were clients first and then the friendships emerged. Of the six women there with their beautiful children, three of them have bought houses using me and two of them have referred me to their friends. And now here we are, going through life's journey together. I can't think of better friends and clients to celebrate with. You never know what kind of friendships will develop from the work we do. I hear from many of my clients that they go through withdrawals after they close and I feel the same way!

So, what do you do when the unexpected happens? I savored the moment and realized how lucky I am!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Got a lot of Hot Air? Highland Village Does!

For only a $5 parking fee, you can enjoy the 23rd Annual Highland Village Lions Club Balloon Festival and Fair.

Bring your friends and family August 20-22 to Copperas Branch Park for a fun time at this Highland Village tradition. Hot air balloons, live bands, fair rides, Navy flight simulator, hamster balls (I'm all over that!), food court, car bash, Boogie Woogie Choo Choo (my daughter's fav!), raffle prizes and more.

This is a great event that highlights the fine businesses and local talent around the North Texas area. Be sure to mark your calendar and enjoy the last hoorah before school starts!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Castlewood Back to School Party

Before you push your kid out the door onto the school bus and then say a collective "Amen" that the whole neighborhood can hear, stop on by the Castlewood community Back to School Party!

Mark your calendars for Friday, August 20 from 6:30-9 pm at the clubhouse. Fun for all to be had with bounce houses, snow cones, hot dogs and swimming. This is always a great opportunity to see old friends and meet new ones to make the first day of school a little easier.

For more information or to volunteer, email Kimberley at

"I've had thousands of hits on but only a few showings. What gives?"

It's something I have heard from a few sellers over the past few years. What are your thoughts on the role of Internet home searching and the correlation to the number of showings on listings? Here are my opinions. What do you think?
1. The Internet serves as a virtual real estate agent. I have actually started using this train of thought in my listing presentation. My team spends so much money on to give the most exposure possible to our clients. With 9 out of 10 people starting their search on the web, buyers are doing the weeding out virtually instead of by visiting the home. I think this is especially true when someone types in that they want a home on a half acre lot. They get excited because the house has everything they are looking for. Granite, hardwood floors, stately trees and a half acre. Then they realize that the house is set back so there's hardly any backyard. So instead of needing to see the home in person, you can eliminate it because you were able to see online that it wouldn't work. Oh well, scratch that off the list, which brings me to my next point.

2. The criteria we set for our clients may not be the same they set for themselves. I can't tell you how many times my clients will send me a home that has them all geeked up about seeing it. Then I am like a needle popping their balloon when they find out the master is on the second floor and not the first floor. The criteria we can search for is much more focused than that on the Internet searches. So, mark that one off too.

3. Looking for homes on the Internet is a HOBBY. There are many people that just love everything real estate. They watch every HGTV, TLC and Discovery Channel show known to man. They are like the MacGyver of remodeling taking used toilet paper rolls and making napkin rings. They constantly check out homes on every website that's out there. Face it. People just love the ins and outs of this business!

That's my two cents. What has your experience been?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Granite? Oil-Rubbed Bronze Fixtures? EEEWWWW!!!

In reading Kathryn Maguire's post about "Wallpaper Woes" it got me thinking about styles and trends.

What I have noticed is that it seems like homes can stand to be cosmetically updated about every 10 years. Think back to the year 2000. Gold or brass shower frames and door knobs were still popular although were on the way out (thankfully!) Silver or pewter was on the rise but a few years later, oil rubbed bronze was definitely the way to go. No one used formica but Corian was a pretty popular choice. They were solid surface after all!

So, here we are...2010. What is it going to be in another five or six years that makes buyers say "This house was totally built in 2008! Look at those distressed cabinets! And granite? Who the heck puts granite in anymore?"

What do you think?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Move-in ready home in Lewisville

If you're looking for a move-in ready home with tons of updates and renovations, this is it!

Enjoy the show and contact me for a private viewing!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Keeping it local

With the constant news of big banks and corporations mishandling our hard-earned funds, the push to keep things local has really resonated with me. When on vacations, we make it a point to not visit franchises but visit the local bakery and shop at the Farmer's Market. We had some wonderful home-grown peaches while visiting Alexandria, VA two years ago which has in turned, inspired my husband to start a garden.

One of my favorite weekly email updates is courtesy of Valerie Preston and FamilyEguide. This is a weekly newsletter that Valerie has complied that updates local residents on the upcoming free or low-cost events in our community. It's been a wonderful resource for our family! The neat thing is that it's all in one place. For example, I was able to scroll through the newsletter and find out week by week all of the different summer camps and Vacation Bible Schools in our area, along with the cost and further contact information. Another great find was all of the local fireworks displays. But it doesn't stop there. Sign up for the FREE newsletter that lands in your inbox every Wednesday!

Another website I recently discovered has been around since October of 2009 and I just signed up for their bi-weekly newsletter. Flower Mound Family highlights businesses, restaurants and churches that are in the Flower Mound and Highland Village neighborhoods. This site has a monthly drawing for gift certificates to local establishments. You can also check out links for beauty, pet care services and activities. I haven't visited this site much but I plan on keeping tabs on it because it is full of fantastic information!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Traffic Signal approved

For those of you who have been alive and breathing in the Highland Village area, you're fully aware of all the construction going on along FM 2499. One of the big debates was would there be a traffic signal at the intersection of FM 2499 and Castlewood/Highland Shores Blvd. That will now be closer to reality.

According to the latest edition of The Villager, the City of Highland Village has approved the funding and agreement with the Texas Department of Transportation for the construction of the traffic signal at this busy intersection. Once the signal is in place, the road between 2499 and Orchid Hill and Castlewood Blvd/Highland Shores Blvd. will be open.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Land for sale

Located in The Ranch at Lake Ray Roberts, this gorgeous five acre parcel of land is a prime opportunity! Live in peace and harmony with nature on this heavily treed lot. With close proximity to all the lake has to offer, it's a treasure to be found! Build a second home or your everyday paradise. Build now or later and bring your own contractor! Bargain priced at $64,000!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Harlington Road closed

If you're like me, Harlington Road in Highland Village between 2499 and Chinn Chapel is a great cut through, especially during high traffic times.

Well, find another way! The City of Highland Village posted that the road will be closed for several months to allow three large culvert coxes to be placed from the southern border of Copper Canyon with Flower Mound all the way to Harlington.

I am sure the residents of Chapel Springs will be happy for a few months!

Friday, July 2, 2010

We're #2!

It's not very often that you can say that being second best is a good thing. Being the second best team in the soccer world means you don't get to hoist the gold trophy above your head or skate around the ice with the Stanley Cup.
But, in this case, being second best is a wonderful thing! The city of Highland Village, where I call home, was recently selected by D Magazine as the #2 best suburb to live in around the Dallas area.
I hate to sound old, but when we moved here six years ago, the only that that was here was the Super Target shopping center. Everything else was in a natural state. One would not recognize it now with a beautiful town center on one corner and a plethora of shopping and restaurants. Thanks D Mag! Welcome home to HV!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Things are heating up!

Happy New Year! With a new year and a new decade, the hope for the future is evident. I hear and sense optimism in my friends and family. That's so exciting and refreshing! Gone are the days of gloom and doom!
Make sure you take advantage of Team Nelson's "Buy any home thru me and I'll sell yours for FREE" program as well as the extended homebuyer tax credit. The interest rates continue to be low and new inventory is starting to hit the market. There's no better time than the present!