Wednesday, August 25, 2010

FM2499 is partially open through Highland Village

It's the day Highland Village residents have dreaded/waited for for years.

I received the following email today from Jo Lynn Tefft, the Castlewood Community Manager.

TXDOT has opened part of FM2499 from Orchard Hill south. The Castlewood back entrance/exit (Castlewood Blvd/Northwood & FM2499) is open. Please be aware that this is a two-way stop; the cross traffic on FM2499 does not stop. At our main entrance (Castlewood Blvd/Highland Shores Blvd & FM2499) there is currently a four-way stop. However, several times today, vehicles did not stop going southbound on FM2499 through the intersection. Please use caution at both intersections.

We have enjoyed many family walks on the deserted bridge but I guess that is coming to an end. Drive safe everyone!

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