Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Keeping it local

With the constant news of big banks and corporations mishandling our hard-earned funds, the push to keep things local has really resonated with me. When on vacations, we make it a point to not visit franchises but visit the local bakery and shop at the Farmer's Market. We had some wonderful home-grown peaches while visiting Alexandria, VA two years ago which has in turned, inspired my husband to start a garden.

One of my favorite weekly email updates is courtesy of Valerie Preston and FamilyEguide. This is a weekly newsletter that Valerie has complied that updates local residents on the upcoming free or low-cost events in our community. It's been a wonderful resource for our family! The neat thing is that it's all in one place. For example, I was able to scroll through the newsletter and find out week by week all of the different summer camps and Vacation Bible Schools in our area, along with the cost and further contact information. Another great find was all of the local fireworks displays. But it doesn't stop there. Sign up for the FREE newsletter that lands in your inbox every Wednesday!

Another website I recently discovered has been around since October of 2009 and I just signed up for their bi-weekly newsletter. Flower Mound Family highlights businesses, restaurants and churches that are in the Flower Mound and Highland Village neighborhoods. This site has a monthly drawing for gift certificates to local establishments. You can also check out links for beauty, pet care services and activities. I haven't visited this site much but I plan on keeping tabs on it because it is full of fantastic information!