Friday, August 13, 2010

What to do when something unexpected happens?

Today we celebrated my son's first birthday at the Castlewood Community Pool and I came across something unexpected. My father-in-law asked after the party "So, who were all of those people today? A bunch of your clients?" I chuckled and said "No, they are friends from different places...wait, actually, yes, most of them are!" I realized.

I started going down the list of my friends at the birthday party and realized that many of them were clients first and then the friendships emerged. Of the six women there with their beautiful children, three of them have bought houses using me and two of them have referred me to their friends. And now here we are, going through life's journey together. I can't think of better friends and clients to celebrate with. You never know what kind of friendships will develop from the work we do. I hear from many of my clients that they go through withdrawals after they close and I feel the same way!

So, what do you do when the unexpected happens? I savored the moment and realized how lucky I am!

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