Sunday, August 8, 2010

Granite? Oil-Rubbed Bronze Fixtures? EEEWWWW!!!

In reading Kathryn Maguire's post about "Wallpaper Woes" it got me thinking about styles and trends.

What I have noticed is that it seems like homes can stand to be cosmetically updated about every 10 years. Think back to the year 2000. Gold or brass shower frames and door knobs were still popular although were on the way out (thankfully!) Silver or pewter was on the rise but a few years later, oil rubbed bronze was definitely the way to go. No one used formica but Corian was a pretty popular choice. They were solid surface after all!

So, here we are...2010. What is it going to be in another five or six years that makes buyers say "This house was totally built in 2008! Look at those distressed cabinets! And granite? Who the heck puts granite in anymore?"

What do you think?

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Colored With Memories said...

hoping formica comes back! ;)