Friday, June 12, 2009

Weather is always a talking point

Whether it's the once a year snow storm we get in North Texas, the blazing hot weekend coming up, or the spur-of-the-moment storms that plague us, weather is always a topic of conversation.
I was watching an old episode of Family Feud (I know, GSN is a guilty pleasure of mine) and the question was "What is a topic of conversation that you think is boring?" Surprisingly enough, the number one answer was weather. I admit, weather isn't that exciting to really talk about. Doesn't everyone mostly agree? "It's hot". Yep. "It's cold today." Uh huh. "Boy, that wind sure is rough today." Sure is. It's pretty much a topic that isn't off limits at parties like religion or politics.
I remember the looks of amazement and confusion when I was in college in Iowa that I was from California. "Why the heck did you come to Iowa?" Believe it or not, I was sick of the sunshine and 70 degree Christmas mornings.
I found it funny that on Wednesday night when we had some killer storms roll through the Dallas area, that any of my North Texas friends that updated their Facebook status mentioned something about the weather. Maybe it isn't so boring after all!

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