Sunday, June 7, 2009

Best Deal in Town

As I sit here anxiously awaiting a buyer for my listing in Little Elm at an open house, I decided to go ahead and take this opportunity to update my blog.
I have sat over 100 open houses in my four years as a real estate agent. I actually have procured a sale twice because of my efforts and picked up one or two clients along the way. They aren't very productive but when a seller wants one, why not do one!? All in the name of customer service!
Now getting to the best deal in town. I don't usually get balloons for my signs for many reasons. Cost, pain in the neck to transport and putting out the sign in the wind with traffic all around is bad enough. Add in some unruly balloons on a windy day and there's a task that has embarrasment written all over it!
A few months ago, I came across a service at Wal-Mart that is an absolute steal! Instead of going to Party City or Tom Thumb for my latex balloon needs at 89 cents or more a pop (no pun intended!), I buy a package of 12 or 15 balloons for $1.35 and they blow them up for me. What a bargain! So before you spend more than you have to, take advantage of Wal-Mart for their hot air and save yours!

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