Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ways to Conserve, Cut Back and Curtail (Part 2 of 3)

Here are some additional tidbits of information for you to help our environment!
1. Buy your carpet in pieces! offers an earth-friendly puzzle for your floor. It's a modern, inexpensive and great alternative to traditional area rugs or wall-to-wall carpet. Each square is 19.7 inches, made of some recycled material, and has a lower VOC offgassing than other carpets. The best thing is you can easily replace one square should it dirty or damaged!
2. Use natural cleaning products like Mrs. Meyer's sold at Elliott's Hardware or Seventh Generation from Central Market.
3. I love a good burger so becoming a vegetarian is one thing I just can't do! But, if you don't venture into eating a cow or chicken, try a few vegetarian eateries. Kalachandji's in East Dallas, Spiral Diner in Fort Worth and Toy's Cafe in the Bishop Arts District.
4. If you're like me and my husband, we have uploaded all of our CD's to iTunes and are left wondering what to do with all those CD's. You can donate, trade or send them to the CD Recycling Center of America ( They also take DVD's. We once bought a previously viewed DVD of "Being John Malcovich". We should donate that TODAY!
5. Do you use those new "squiggly" light bulbs? Many of us are now switching to the compact fluorescent lights but did you know they can leak mercury back into the soil if not disposed of properly? Feel free to drop them off at area Motel 6 locations. They started the first national fluorescent light bulb and battery recycling program in the hospitality industry. Just stop by and recycle to your heart's content!
6. Write your grocery list on the back of junk mail coupons and envelopes. Lord knows we don't need four ads for air duct cleaning!
Until next time...Enjoy!

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