Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just the Facts, Ma'am

With the election this year, you would be an ostrich with your head in the sand if you didn't hear the slogan of a candidate for "Change". I guess most Americans felt that a change was in order.
I am not adverse to change. I like variety when it comes to music, my breakfast meals and exercise programs. I am not a big fan of changes that disrupt my "normal" way of life. For instance, what used to take 14 minutes during the lunch rush on 2499 now takes at least 20 and I am usually behind one or more construction trucks.
It seems that change is inevitable when it comes to the closing (or not) of the Northwood/Castlewood streets in Highland Shores and Castlewood. We are in the process of a petition going around to bring to our highly-respected city officials to make this change as minimal as possible.
There are a lot of rumors and speculative jibber-jabber going on out there. I have heard plenty but will not post anything further until I have the facts, which I thought I had previously. With that being said, it would wonderful if our city leaders would take some time from their busy schedules and EDUCATE their constituants on this issue. Instead of making this an uphill battle that makes the blood boil for residents of this city, I would love to see our mayor and city council say "Let's see if we can't come to a decision together that we can all agree on". Huh, what a novel idea!


Colored With Memories said...

that would be nice!

is your header pic where 2499 is going through?

No Chub Club said...

Yes, it is. It's just sad!