Thursday, October 30, 2008

On the Road Again...

If only it could be as good as Willy sings about.

I was recently made aware of the new grassroots effort by my friends and neighbors to turn the whole 2499 road expansion on its' head. Thank God for concerned families who care more about the safety and well-being of their families, communities and neighbors than our local politicians. Yes, this means you Mayor Dianne Costa.

I was sent a string of emails from citizens of Highland Village who have a vested interest in what happens in our community. Ed Kourany Jr. has headed up the petition process to make the "loop" of Northwood and Castlewood roads to become a dead-end where 2499 will be going through our communities. As stated in the email, "The current plans on file show this intersection to be a two-way stop. This means that traffic traveling North or South on 2499 will NOT stop at the intersection, making it extremely difficult for pedestrians to cross and vehicles to enter or exit. It is also likely that Southbound traffic coming off the bridge will be traveling in excess of 55 mph due to the higher speed limit proposed on the bridge. This intersection presents a significant safety hazard to the entire community."
Mr. Kourany hasn't spoke directly to Mayor Cost-us (my interjection) but this is what he has heard from others who have:
She (Costa) has allegedly stated her desire to leave the plans unchanged, due to the numerous requests she has already made to TxDOT for other changes along FM2499. (BOO HOO, it never hurts to ask!!) However, she stated that to consider supporting this initiative she would require a couple things:
1. 95% of the residents approving the petition to change the intersection
2. Approval by the Fire and Police chiefs. Standard Operating Procedure for most Emergency Response Vehicles (Fire & Police) requires them to use an intersection with a light for safety; so this intersection has no purpose for either!
3. The residents of Highland Village / Castlewood to pay for the modifications

95% approval? Do our elected officials have to get 95% approval? Uh no. Let's turn the tables. Where does it say in the rules of voting that a majority is 95%? Mayor Costa, you weren't elected with 95% approval so should you really be our mayor? Hmmm, that math sounds a bit silly. There was a comment made in one of the threads that said "How come 95% voting approval wasn't required by residents to go forward with the 2499 expansion?"

I am not really a political beast but I do have a problem with our trusted elected officials bending the rules to make everything fit their interpretation and agendas. This isn't gray. It's black and white. 95% majority vote is a joke. It would be nice if the Mayor would not just HEAR her constituents but actually LISTEN!

What can you do? Sign the petition located on the front porch at 3202 Timberline Drive, email or email Mayor Costa at

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