Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Good Deed of the Day

I wish I could say that it was my good deed being reported, but I am happy to say that a complete stranger helped me today!
This weekend, my husband handwashed our cars. There aren't too many things better than your husband selflessly serving you! He even aired my back right tire because it was low. Weird, because I just filled them up last month. We concluded there must be a slow leak.
Today, I had a lunch meeting at Patrizio's at The Shops. When I came out, there was a white piece of paper on my windshield. Great...what did I do?! The above note is what I found. How wonderful! And, yes, it was a slow leak caused by a nail. So, thank you, oh Note Leaver of the Slow Leak. I will do an extra random act of kindness in your honor.

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Colored With Memories said...

how nice of them to stop and take the time to leave that note!