Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Little on the Trashy Side

Back in the day, the rage of the decade was trash compactors. Most people don't know what to do with them, especially if they no longer work. The space is too small for a dishwasher so what do you put in it's place?
Perlick recently launched a new product to fill that need. A 15-inch Wine Reserve fridge holds 24 bottles of wine and slips perfectly into the hard-to-fill gap the old crusher leaves behind. This product is available with a stainless steel, wood overlay or UV-protected insulated glass door. But, save your pennies. This little sweetie will cost you around $2,600. Maybe the old black compactor isn't so bad after all! Thanks to Home Magazine for this feature!

1 comment:

Colored With Memories said...

I guess I'm odd, but I LOVE my compactor...and will be looking for a sleek stainless one to replace it if it ever dies!! Is there such a thing?