Wednesday, February 20, 2008

If Money Were No Object...

In a recent "spiritual gifts" test, my results indicated that the two areas I excel at are hospitality and giving. Anyone that knows me, knows I love to throw a good party for many or a small dinner party for a few friends.
After a night at church recently, we came home with a guest and it took about an hour before we could eat.
So, if money were no object, I would splurge and buy the oven that also doubles as a refrigerator. Here's the website description from TMIO:

Modern space age convenience finally arrives in your home with the Connect Io Intelligent Oven, Professional Series: The world’s finest cooking oven, and first appliance that allows you to refrigerate foods for cooking later, then connect remotely via phone or Internet--delivering the great taste of traditional cooking at home whenever you are ready. State-of-the-art cooking, luxury conveniences, exceptional performance, and beautiful design are the hallmark of Connect Io wall ovens that households and professional chefs insist on, and that we deliver. Dinner is ready when you are!

If I suddenly come into $5,895 plus shipping, I will be replacing my standard GE with the TMIO. As we say in my household, "Sell Some More Houses"!

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Just Us Gibsons said...

That's an awesome invention! Why didn't we think of that! Kerry